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1\ A guide for make a sketch of photo.


2\ How to drawing the water color?


3\ Can I convert photos in batches?


Q1:A guide for make a sketch of photo.

Follow me, you can find it's very easy to make a sketch of photo.

1. Open a photo, please click the "Open" button.

2. With the default parameters, click the "Convert" button directly, you can get a sketch immediately. Like follows:

3. Check "Pen" or "Pencil" radio in the Sketch panel, you can get different effect.

4. Click the Texture panel if you want the sketch be more beautiful.
And, select a texture in the dropdown menu. such as follows:

5. Now, have you interest in make a sketch freehand?
Please select the Freehand panel. Like follows:

Ok, you can draw a sketch freehand! Congratulate! You become a artist!




Q2:How to drawing the water color?
A: First, select "Freehand" on the panel. Second, check the "Brush", Third, setup the value of parameters like following. Then, you could drawing water color freehandly. You only need the patience to get a magnificent Water Color.
Note:At the very start, you only get some round colored dots. Take pains, go on drawing, and make these round colored dots joined in succession closely. When these colored dots full of the whole area, a water color will be showing.





Q3: Can I convert photos in batches?
No, you can't convert photos in batches in the standard version.
But, you can download Sketch Master, it contain the Photo to Sketch and include this function.





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